Our Manifesto

We will always be defined by our values

This is a list of principles that guide NextStepHQ and all its members. The principles below cover various areas like People, Product, Marketing, etc. 

Version 0.1 

Be Human.

Don't do anything you don't want someone else to do to you. 


Internal and external communication will be honest. 

A caveat for this will be our financial performance, which we won't share in the first few years.

Empathy & Observation.

Unless you have empathy you can't see & understand problems. Similarly, if you don't observe them, you can't completely understand their problem. They will describe symptoms, not the problem.


We won’t lie about our features, use tactics to trick users, exaggerate to make ourselves seem more impressive, or pretend to be a company that we’re not. What you see is what you get.

The customer's customer is our customer.

Both us & our products should treat them as such.

Trust is everything

Trust is the greatest asset. Any behaviour that could break trust must be out of the question.

Everything is marketing

Each and every one of us is a marketer. Marketing is also the way we communicate product changes, the way we answer support, and the way we talk about our customers.

Be storytellers

Stories are easy to understand, share & relate to. It is an inherently human medium. 

A “No” is more important than a “Yes”

We are going to remain a lean organisation. Saying yes to everything will lead to a mediocre product, unused features, and overall, a lack of value to our end user. Do a few great things well, rather than a lot of average things. 

Be specific & concise, write it down.

Make it easy for people to do exactly what you want them to. Leave nothing to interpretation. Write it down. It will help in finding gaps in your thought process. 

Debate: It bubbles the best idea.

If you think something is not right, don't be afraid to debate the topic. But never make it personal.

We have heavily sourced ideas from BareMetrics Growth Manifesto by Corey Haines and Drift’s Marketing Manifesto by Dave Gerhardt. 

This is a document which will continue to evolve, thus the version number.