About Team

NextStepHQ is founded by veteran entrepreneurs Ravi Vyas & Abhishek Nandi. They have previously founded PureMetrics Inc and Odiocast, which got acquired by YourStory Media. Together they have more than 2 decades of experience, a large part of which has been in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Ravi Vyas

Ravi Vyas


Tag Line:  Man of Many Hats, working on acquiring for More

Ravi is a

  • Book Hoarder
  • Podcast Addict 
  • Recovering Twitter Addict

Favorite Place 

Visited - Maldives

Wishlist - Iceland Canada 

In an alternate Life:

I hope I would be an Astro Physicists 

Ravi Vyas

Abhishek Nandi


Tag Line:  printf(“Hello World!!”);

Abhishek is a

  • Tech enthusiast
  • Believer that we will not completely destroy our planet

Favorite Place 

Visited - Switzerland

Wishlist - North Pole (well as close as possible) 

In an alternate Life:

I hope I would be a Photographer

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