Why we are building NextStep

Picture this. You enter a new store, as you enter you see a salesperson starts walking towards you. Some of you might instinctively start moving the other side, some may ask him for help. But before you do, the salesperson pitches you an item you have no interest in buying. It discourages you and you tell the poor salesperson No Thank you. You roam around the store and see what they have to offer. You tell yourself this place is not bad at all, but you don’t find what you were looking for, so you decide to leave. You see the salesperson walking towards you again, your strides become longer, you want to beat the salesperson to the gate, but he catches up, and then says, “Would you like to sign up for our loyalty program before you leave”. What are you thinking about now? What is your state of mind? Are you angry?

If yes, replace the store with a website, and the salesperson with popups. That is what the web is today. It is filled with irrelevant messages on a number of popups on the same page. So we started by asking ourselves why. Why is the internet riddled with Repetitive, Non Contextual messaging? The Catch 22 is these pop-ups don’t perform, they breed a new generation of pop-ups which are worse in user experience.

If you are a marketer, ask this question to yourself, why do you have a website? We believe it is a place to “showcase” your product and provide a great consideration and purchase flow. Yet most tools today don’t empower you to do this, worse they suggest spamming users with repetitive messages irrespective of where the users are at their journey.

Thus this is what most websites end up with

We asked ourselves the same question, In addition, we asked these questions too:

  • Why are we destroying our prospects experience?
  • Why are we solving our problems like the size of our mailing list, getting users for a webinar, etc?
  • Why are we ignorant of user’s behavior if they have already signed up for our mailer or webinar, or have already read the post about our new feature.
  • Why is it that the best question we have for our prospects is “Do you have a question about “this” page

The answer was pretty simple, the tools today don’t empower the marketer, especially those working in B2B SaaS, to run contextual, data empowered campaigns on their own website. Today we have great tools to personalize emails, SMSs, Push Notifications, but there is a gap in the market when it comes to using your own website as a channel.

What marketers need is a tool that empowers them by allowing them to show the user contextual messages which nudge the user to the next stage of the funnel, they need a tool which can ask prospects for more information to enrich behavior data for better lead scoring, they need a tool which does not compromise the experience of the website to showcase its value, they need a tool which helps them improve both the conversion rates and compresses the funnel.

We believe, NextStep is that tool, a tool that, quite literally, helps your users to get to the next step of the funnel.

How will Nextstep do this?

NextStep is powered by 3 Core pillars

  • Powerful behavior tracking for user segmentation
  • A CRM built for marketers to track user journeys
  • Campaigns to showcase the contextual messages to the right user

And this is just the beginning, this will form a foundation for more powerful features that puts your user’s experience at the forefront.

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Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

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