Introducing Book A Demo Call-To-Action Powered By Calendly

We are super happy to announce a new type of widget on the NextStepHQ. The Calendly CTA allows you to request your visitors to book a meeting in a non-intrusive and contextual manner. The information the user provides is stored in the NextStepHQ CRM and is also used to auto-populate the Calendly meeting popup.

Here is how the CTA experience will look like:

Like all our Widgets, you will get performance metrics which include impressions, dismisses and clicks which will help you further optimize your CTA campaign.

This widget is great for companies where the primary CTA is getting the user to book a demo, and since NextStepHQ is powered by User Journeys, you can make sure the CTA only comes up when the user is primed to book a demo. For example, you can target only users who have been to 5 or more pages in the last 7 days.

Once the users decided to book a demo, we capture the details on NextStepHQ too, the goal being the ability to use those details to build more campaigns in the future.

Here is how the responses will look.

CTA Responses

We will be working on Zapier integration soon, which will allow you to build cross-platform workflows.

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